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About Yianni

There’s something about a confident and reassuring real estate agent who knows where he’s come from, knows where he’s headed, and can put your financial needs in place, too…

With 7 years of Chartered Accountancy and a Commerce Degree to his credit, Yianni Garbas has a way with numbers, people, and property.

The “9 to 5” just didn’t give him the fulfilment that real estate does. Yet, his tax and financial planning expertise is as much a blessing to his clients today as it is a pleasure for him to share.

Inspired by his real estate agent mother and builder father, the path from finance to selling family homes was only a matter of time for Yianni as he lives and breathes a “learn, grow, and improve” mantra every day.

Buying and renovating his first property at 21 and contracting his first property sale for an impressive $1.2million, he’s learnt a thing or two about pricing.

A pricing strategy that boasts a days-on-market average of just 18 days. His no-nonsense approach, analytical mind and communicative nature ensures he exceeds every expectation; price and service-wise.

So, at Harris Real Estate, amongst a like-minded team of trailblazing professionals, a client-centric ethos and world-class systems, Yianni’s right at home and ready to sell yours…

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What people love about Yianni

We had a great experience with Yianni Garbas from Harris. The whole process was seamless and the house sold for…
- Evan Zorba
Yanni did an excellent job, he kept me informed throughout the whole process. His presentation and communication skills were faultless.…
- Clive Chapman
Everything just worked so well from the the very first enquiry to follow through at the end. Made it so…
- Claire Oremland