You’ve written a list of New Year’s resolutions as long as your arm for 2017. Go the gym daily, eat healthy, drink less, pay off credit card debt – the list goes on. And surprise surprise, you haven’t ticked off a single one yet and it’s already the end of January.

Throw away your list, I’ve identified the critical few to get your life sorted in 2017.

1.  Buy your 2017 diary  (they’re 75% off in the newsagent now) or learn how to use the calendar on your phone. Make sure your diary is small enough to fit in your handbag and keep it there. Take half an hour to put in the important dates – birthdays, planned holidays, weddings, regular physio and doctor’s appointments. Keep it up to date weekly – add events as soon as you’re invited.

2. Map out your ideal week and stick it somewhere you have to look at every day. Factor in not only your non negotiable activities at work each week, but also your non negotiables outside of work hours (including Friday bubbles!)

3. Take the time to really analyse your spending, and work out a realistic budget only once this is done. Be honest with where your money goes – if you spend $150 a week on eating out or $75 a week on coffee – factor that in. The Pocketbook app is great for keeping you accountable and getting you on holidays sooner– it even securely links to your bank account (including that credit card) and gives you a friendly reminder when you’ve almost blown the budget.

4. Keep a pretty ‘to do’ list – and update it at the beginning and end of each day. Prioritise tasks strongly – and do those you don’t like first or they won’t get done. You’ll feel awesome ticking those boring ones off the list first.

5.  Download Pocket – the perfect ‘read it later’ app – and save the millions of interesting articles you see online to read at a better time.


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