The Butler Moved It is a caring, dedicated, comprehensive move assist service, tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Based in the heart of Adelaide they specialise in the management, coordination and supervision of all your relocation needs.

Here at Harris, we have a number of clients who we have now connected to The Butler Moved It and they are all thrilled with the support the service allows in the moving process, aiming to make your relocation smooth and enjoyable.

How can The Butler Moved It assist you?


They have the following services for you to choose from:

De-Cluttering • New homes mean fresh starts! Working with you to carefully sort through those cherished valuables we help you decide what to keep, what to store and what to give away. There’s nothing more therapeutic that a good old spring clean.

Hand Packing • One of the most important tasks of a safe relocation is the ability to properly hand pack. Carefully and thoughtfully items are packed to make sure they arrive to the final destination in one piece.

Moving • The day comes when it has to leave here… and go there. We make sure the journey goes smoothly. We are here when it leaves, and we make sure that we are there when it arrives.

Un Packing • All the stuff from there is here and now needs to find a home… your new home. This is the fun part. All those belongings have made the decluttering cut and are ready to be unpacked and put away. Simplicity is bliss.

Tidy Up • Once that final box leaves your old house you’re left with the task of the dreaded tidy up. Those rooms which were once “clean” now reveal the collected dust amongst other things that have been lurking….for who knows how long. Alongside our trusted partners, we ensure every corner of your home has had the proper attention to detail. From exit cleans, window cleaning, gardening, painting and general household updates. We’ve got it covered.

Storage • What to do with all the items that need a place to live in the interim. We can arrange storage solutions to put your mind at ease.

Styling • Whether it be the furniture from your old home needing that extra help to find the perfect placement in your new home, or if your old place needs a makeover ready for sale, we know the right people who can help you out for both occasions.

Cleaning • Once you’ve moved that final cabinet you’ve had in the same place for the past 10 years, you begin to realize that the “clean” house you’ve been living in….isn’t so clean. Without the furniture in the space to give your home some “life” you start to see the collection of dust built up in the window frames, the skirting boards, the marks on the walls are now even more prominent and don’t even start with the bathroom! Leave the stress of that exit clean to us. You won’t believe what a bit of care and elbow grease can do to bringing your house back to looking spotless and ready for sale. You’ll probably want to move back in!

Asset Sale • Unfortunately when we move we realize that the vast collection of valuables and furniture we have accumulated over the years will not make the journey with us to our next destination. The hard question that’s left is…..What to do with it? The answer is quite simple, you just need to know where to look. Luckily enough, we know the right people that can help out. Ranging from our wonderful SA based charities, to the high end specialty auction houses. We can help with getting your goods off to charity or assist with the process of the appropriate sale of your assets.

Utilities Change • In the midst of excitement of the new move you tend to forget how tedious the set up task of moving can be. It’s been that long since and you’ve forgot the process. What do you have to organize? Is it already connected? What company do you chose? We guide and advise you through all the necessary steps to mitigate the minefield of systems, protocols and securities that have become the norm when connecting, disconnecting, changing, or re-directing utility services such as phone, address change, internet, gas, electricity, water, rates… and the list goes on!

If you think any of these services will help you, the team come to your house for a free no obligation professional consultation … with biscuits!

With The Butler Moved It, all the client needs to do is relax!


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