Sell your home Off-Market with Harris

The benefits of selling your home off-market with Harris
Selling Off-market

You can sell a secret. Just ask our database.

As Adelaide’s largest independent real estate agency, Harris meet more buyers and tenants every week than any other agency.

This has resulted in over 22,000 registered Harris buyers and tenants currently in the database, ready to purchase or rent their next property. Harris Off-Market creates an opportunity to potentially sell or rent your home to these qualified buyers and tenants, minus the photography, signboard, marketing, or public open for inspections, saving you time, money, and costly advertising dollars.

It’s a powerful tool, and it can sell your home, sooner.

Building momentum for a better sales result.

Not only can Harris’ extensive database specifically match buyers and tenants to your property and alert them as soon as your property is available for sale or rent, it can do so with greater momentum – a strategy that often creates optimum results, minus the open market.


Off-market, stress-free, sold.

Premium results are possible without invasive public open inspections. Your agent can short-list your buyer or tenant quickly from Harris’ extensive database – stress-free, and off-line.


Off-market strategy

  • 01
    Over 100 Harris agents and property managers build the Harris Off-Market database with surplus buyers and tenants from all other property related marketing e.g open for inspections and buyer enquires from and
  • 02
    Appoint your Harris agent or property manager to launch your Off-Market selling campaign.
  • 03
    All other Harris agents and property managers are notified of your property for shared selling and leasing. Your property is discreetly advertised on Harris Off-Market at
  • 04
    Bulk communication is made with all qualified buyers and tenants who have registered for properties similar to yours. VIP viewings and private inspections are conducted with this group of buyers.
  • 05
    Offers and interest are received and reviewed.
  • 06
    Property is sold or rented Off-Market or valuable market intelligence is gained for open market release.