Across the Adelaide property market, we're starting to see a growing trend in the number of off -market sales. An off-market sale is when a property is sold without any public advertising to a buyer database that generally results in savings in both time and money to the vendor. With over 21,000 registered buyers, Harris Off-Market is Adelaide's most powerful buyer database that sells a considerable amount of property before it goes to the open market.


Maximise your
selling price

With Harris Real Estates extensive buyer database, buyers can be specifically matched to your property. Quite often this can result in higher selling prices as buyers rush to secure the property before it goes live to the open market.

Privacy and convenience

With Harris’ unique buyer database, the ultimate outcome can occur where the vendor receives a quick, no stress, premium outcome whilst the buyer secures their ideal property at the exclusion of all other buyers in the open market.


How it works

Over 50 Harris agents build the
Harris buyers database
with surplus buyers from all other
property related marketing
e.g open homes, &
Domain buyer enquiries.

Appoint your Harris Agent
to launch your Off-Market
Selling Campaign.

All other Harris agents are notified of
your property for cross selling.
Your property is discreetly listed on the Harris
website under Off-Market Listings.

Bulk communication is made with
all matching potential purchasers via
email, SMS & telephone. VIP viewings
and private inspections are conducted.

Offers and interest are
received & reviewed.

Property is sold or
valuable market
intelligence is gained for
open market release.