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We’re invested

As the largest independent real estate agency in South Australia, we are widely respected for our success in both residential sales and small to medium scale developments.

It comes back to our strong agent-client collaboration and comprehensive selling strategies – we’ll work with you to tailor a campaign exclusively and individually to your project.

If appointed, we will bring expertise, energy and enthusiasm to your campaign, with every professional courtesy extended to you and those interested in your development.

How we do it

By managing a limited number of developments at any given time, our highly innovative and enthusiastic team can maximise every project sale to its fullest potential – and that means getting the prep work done first, down to the very last detail.

That’s where your input matters.

Where do we start?

Harris can offer you a comprehensive range of services - from site selection and negotiation, to feasibility analysis, market research and project management - all the way through to ongoing property management post sale, if required.

You’ll also gain the advantage of Harris Off-Market, our buyer database to complement your fully tailored marketing campaign, putting your project under the noses of more than 21,000 pre-registered buyers – far more than any other agency.

And getting to your contract’s dotted line is what we do best, with the same detailed attention you bring to your projects.

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