Build Up v Extend Out?

April 5, 2021
/ Heidi Jenkins

Space; the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.

At some point in our lives we are faced with the issue of space in our homes. We never seem to have quite enough! From growing families to raising teenagers, the two solutions remain the same. Build up or extend out.

But how to decide?

Setting a budget from the start will help you assess which option is best suited for you. Building up can be expensive as it’s a more complex renovation. Adding a second storey requires multiple council approvals and the current structure of your home must be strong enough to support a second storey.


Adding a second storey typically means removing the roof which tends to make your house an ‘undesired’ place to live. Extending your home usually doesn’t require you to move out. You can still go about your day to day life, albeit with a little extra noise and mess!


The most appealing benefit to building up is that it creates more space rather than taking space from another area of your home (like extensions). When considering an extension, you should assess how much land you will be taking, usually from the backyard, and how that might impact you in the long run.

Aesthetically speaking

Ask yourself- How will an extension affect the look of your home? You want your extension to blend with the rest of the home and look like it belongs. Building a second storey will add to the overall visual appeal of your home and could potentially reveal some untapped city or bay views.It’s important to remember homes aren’t always forever so you should consider the resell value of your home and it renovations.

There is no right or wrong solution. It all comes down to what best suits your needs, your budget and your home!

Article by Heidi Jenkins
With over eight years of real estate marketing experience, Heidi has spent six of those at Harris. Bringing with her experience, passion for company progression and pivotal leadership skills. Having recently completed her MBA, Heidi applies her wealth of knowledge… Read more
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