6 Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Backyard

April 12, 2021
/ Heidi Jenkins

Size” – the relative extent of something; a thing’s overall dimensions or magnitude

When you think about your dream home you picture a big house, beautiful high ceilings and a spacious backyard. Reality is another thing and backyards tend to be the first to fall short of expectations (and space). Luckily, we have the solution for you!

What’s the opposite to horizontal?

Vertical! Get creative and utilise hanging plants, vertical garden walls and herb pallets. Decorating the upright space of a backyard will draw the eye out, give that desired green look and saves space for other items such as furniture or other features.

Less = More

Pythagoras theorem states… only kidding! This is easy maths anyone can understand. The less clutter in the area, the bigger it will appear. Be very conscious when purchasing outdoor furniture as you want it to be to scale and avoid big bulky items.

How big is too big?

Choose your greenery wisely. Big trees will do you no favours on creating the illusion of space and will offset the scale size. We suggest using small to medium plants so you can fit more variety into your backyard.

A touch to atmosphere

Let there be light! Something as simple as adding fairy or festoon lights can completely change the aura of a space. Alternatively, you can opt for candles which will emit that same cosy feeling.

Work with what you’ve got

If you’re tight on space, try enclosing the area to enhance that cosy feeling. Not only does this help with privacy but it gives the illusion of a more intimate, comfortable setting.

Trick those eyes

Create a focal point to draw the eyes from the size of the space. Water features are the perfect solution and the sound they create adds to the ambience and serenity of the backyard.

Article by Heidi Jenkins
With over eight years of real estate marketing experience, Heidi has spent six of those at Harris. Bringing with her experience, passion for company progression and pivotal leadership skills. Having recently completed her MBA, Heidi applies her wealth of knowledge… Read more
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