Sounds like hard work huh?

With us as your personal finance trainers, ready to push you in the direction of your financial goals, we can make this exercise less exhausting than 100 burpees. Allow us to plan, monitor and motivate you to become financially fit.


To achieve almost anything, you need to set clear goals and follow them up with attainable deadlines.

Speaking to a finance broker is always a good idea, they’ll start by assessing your current financial fitness. Then progress to a budget to assess your ins and outs. Critique your spending patterns and advise on a personalised financial training plan which will ensure you stick your budget. This sets strong foundations to start saving and allows you to purchase sooner and to purchase at a price you will be able to maintain in the long term without over committing and stressing yourself out.


Your goal to save might be a lump sum, a weekly/fortnightly/monthly amount or a percentage of your earnings.

Once you have set this figure, there are no excuses. Set up an automatic transfer into an account that you aren’t able to touch, and preferably has a better interest rate than your normal accounts.


Having someone to hold you accountable and encourage you to stay on track is always important.

Do you have a friend that has a similar goal? Sometimes training with a partner is easier – if you are both on a budget you will be more likely to stick to your plan. Have nights in that don’t require spending any money, or cook dinners together instead of eating out.,

A little positive reinforcement can never hurt, check in with your finance broker or saving partner at least on the first of each month.


All is not lost…

Life happens and unexpected expenses or spontaneous out of budget spending occurs (insert happy handbag purchase here). Try to limit it but if it does happen to you.. pause, reassess and get back on track. Understand why it occurred and if it’s a controllable expense implement measures or stop gaps, or include it in your budget if it is reoccurring and unavoidable. Don’t let this hold you down, dust yourself off and try again. Try again.


Always the best part right…

Seeing the fruits of your labour is always satisfying. Take some time to reflect on your hard work and make sure you reward yourself when you reach your goals. Something as simple as a dinner out with your savings buddy or going out for a movie is a good way to reward your achievement.

If you are looking for financial advice please feel free to contact Johnston Grocke.

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