“ensemble / a group of individuals that contribute to a coordinated, harmonious whole.

We first saw the collaborative genius of ‘Ensemble’ during a brief pop up store held in December last year. At that stage, they were just four local retailers coming together in the spirit of Christmas.

Luckily for us, after the success of their pop up store they decided to band together and open a unified store called Ensemble.

This (one of a kind) shop consists of Naomi Keyte’s yoga studio called ‘Joyoga’, Amy Duff’s ethical fashion label ‘Good Studio’, The Plant stylist Emma Sadie Thomson and Beccy Bromilow’s handmade shoe range ‘BB Shoemaker’.

The success of their co-inhabitants can be credited to their “interweaving values” and sense of community. Together they share a passion for environmentally friendly and sustainable products and believe in supporting Australian owned, local businesses.

Located on 94 Gillies Street, the most refreshing aspect of this shop is the unified atmosphere. The products are blended together in a harmonious layout bathed in natural light as opposed to the stale ‘traditional’ display where each brand is kept in its separate space and the only light is emitted from the ceiling.

As one of the first collaborations of this nature, Ensemble is paving the way for Adelaide retailers, modernisation of the way we shop.


Take a peek for yourself at 94 Gilles Street, Adelaide /  @ensemble.adl


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