Tony Begley

Senior Property Manager

Ask Tony to do something, and you can be sure it will be done!  It’s just one of the many efficiencies that make this persistent and passionate leasing professional such an asset when it comes to managing your investment.Following a long and much-awarded career as a Mortgage Broker and Credit Manager, Tony became a Property Manager in 2012 at the invitation of a colleague.  And he hasn’t looked back!For Tony, providing first-class service and clear, easy to understand advice is as natural as breathing.  As well as following through on promises, he has that rare gift of being able to put everyone at their ease and resolve conflict.  Always kind and honest, his love of people, at every level and from all walks of life, allows him to communicate freely and build trust with all he comes into contact with.With Tony as your Property Manager, you can relax in the knowledge that your investment is being managed by a true professional, dedicated to finding the right tenants and maximising returns.Tony has a strong interest in innovation and technology, always looking for new and better ways to perform at an optimum level.  His happy, easy-going nature and willingness to pitch in makes him a popular and highly valued member of a Property Management team with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

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