Talysha Chapman

Property Manager

A loyal friend, loving daughter, doting aunty, good Samaritan to those in need and a doggo-mum of two Siberian Huskies; there’s depth to Talysha Chapman – and that’s just her personal side.

Professionally, she’s an established and qualified property manager experienced in business development and new business, stemming from a background in construction and maintenance.

Having lived across Adelaide, she’s settled into Brooklyn Park and specialises in the inner southern suburbs – we think she complements Harris Real Estate’s extensive rental portfolios, perfectly.

She’s a listener and a problem-solver drawn to helping others. From first-time renters, experienced tenants with high ideals, even tenants who then become landlords, watching clients return 2, 3, even 5 years later with their biggest assets in hand is humbling, and it’s a trust she earns and respects.

A heart-warming highlight is finding a family emergency housing when their house burnt down; within 48 hours, she’d located, secured and readied a rental to the absolute relief of her sudden tenants, the landlord just as stunned at how swiftly she’d turned panic into professional management.

All the while, maintaining her exceptionally high standards.

Talysha says it’s all thanks to her Mum. A woman who has fought debilitating illness and cancer, yet still smiles. Her strength and fighting spirit are what carries Talysha through the tough times.

It’s also her point of difference. She steps back from emotional situations, assesses them and resolves them while listening to all sides.

But Talysha believes that success has more than one key; communication, empathy and respect, regardless of a client’s landlord or tenant standing.

She also says her role is as much about people as it is about property. Manage relationships with the right attitude, and rapport and trust shines through.

With that in mind, everyone has a unique outlook, expectation, or situation. Rest assured there’ll be different outcomes, but in Talysha, her approach, can-do attitude and positive vibe will always be the same.

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