Susan Davis

Senior Property Manager

Susan Davis has more than 30 years’ experience in property management across public and private sectors – longevity she says relies on excellent customer service and good relationships with both owners and tenants.

Susan’s career spans government, corporate and finance sectors – each further developing her service and organisational skills as she managed increasingly-complicated transactions. Her return to property management brings the benefits of those skills to Adelaide’s eastern suburbs – an area she has lived in and enjoyed for many years.

Susan says the culture of Harris Property Management has reignited her passion for the industry. The culture values trust and honesty – traits she says are vital for strong, successful relationships – and welcomes creative and challenging input.

She says she now feels she can contribute the benefits of her experience to her clients, providing   a high level of customer service but also work with the team to extend their abilities and provide advice to mentoring to the younger members of the team.

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