Sonia Biszczak

Senior Property Manager

Sonia Biszczak has an affinity for Property Management, progress and success.

Over some 10 years in property, Sonia started with her own investment portfolio, built and ran her own agency, even ventured to New Zealand as Business Development Manager for a company specialising in safety inspection and reporting, limiting risk for both tenants and landlords.

Safe to say, Sonia’s credentials in the Property Management arena are vast, and her latest qualification, an MBA, she completed with 5 distinctions.

Accompanying her business mind is a generous, caring side, where in 2017 her family sold everything to do The Million Dollar Run from Adelaide to Brisbane for charity, raising a staggering $168,000 in support of DEBRA Australia, donating to strangers in need.

Just the kind of approachable, driven and diverse individual you’d want to deal with as a landlord; knowing instantly she’s skilled and willing to get on with it, with your property needs front of mind.

And if there’s a better way to improve or problem-solve, Sonia will find it.

As the valuable conduit between landlord and tenant, Sonia knows both sides intimately – she’s been there – her open conversations, ready solutions, and a listening ear are her commendable traits to trust-building communication.

With a penchant for knowledge and always asking the how’s and the why’s, Sonia’s attraction to Harris Real Estate was only natural; Harris’ service, efficiency and technology focus are values in sync with her own.

For a full-spectrum Property Management experience along Adelaide’s inner-south and south-eastern suburbs, Sonia Biszczak raises the bar.

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