Skye Taylor

Property Manager

Meet Skye Taylor – a self-assured vivacious personality who has hit the ground running at Harris Real Estate.

Based at the Glenelg office and waking every day to the sparkling shores of Glenelg North’s Esplanade, she’s treading familiar territory, and not just in a geographical sense.

Having mastered everything from selling homes and running her own boutique property management business to 8 years managing and overseeing student accommodation sites, Skye thrives in high-volume, high-stress situations where her quick thinking and problem-solving skills kick in.

It’s what drives this outgoing, and confident professional – forever learning, growing, and improving, where better to stretch herself and add another notch to her belt than amongst the award-winning team at Harris…

As an investor herself, Skye empathises with her clients, communicates clearly with both landlords and tenants, and treats them with equal fairness and compassion – and years of broad operational, marketing and managerial expertise also means there’s no demographic she can’t relate to.

In her down time, Skye is an avid skydiver. Not just leaping out of planes for fun – this adrenaline, not-for-everyone sport brings her mental clarity and strength. Yet closer to home, she prefers lacing up the joggers and hitting the foreshore for a long run.

Inspired by many, especially those who beat adversity and look past struggles with a positive outlook, Skye’s an inspiration of her own…

In the air, on her feet, managing your investment. There’s no task Skye can’t handle.

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