Sarah Bekkevold

Property Manager

With a finance background, a passion for property, an impressive list of qualifications and a strong resolve to people-please, Sarah Bekkevold knew all along Property Management was the path she was destined for.

Realising it is still one of her greatest achievements; starting a new career and studying as a working mum in her mid-30s, she’s thrown herself into and thriving in a role she loves.

Armed with a bubbly personality and a Harry Potter-inspired heroism to meet her battles and victories with a permanently imprinted smile, means Sarah’s life is never dull…

And surprisingly, her ability to say “no” is her strongest point of difference.

Sarah can draw the line between good and bad tenants, sound or poor financial choices while giving every client the reassurance of her confident decision-making power.

Living in Seaton, covering the northern and western suburbs and working with Harris’ committed support network bound by ethics, technology, values and superior client service, family is the only other love higher than her full-time Property Management success story.

Whatever your story, property need or investment question, maybe Sarah’s the one to ask… Contact Sarah Bekkevold today.

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