Sam Bennett

Property Consultant

Country born and people focused, Sam Bennett’s approachable personality is complemented by an obsession with progression.

His down to earth and relaxed exterior masking years of real estate experience; experience winning Sam countless awards from a career forged in Darwin – one of the toughest residential markets in Australia.

His secret? There isn’t one. You’re never left wondering with Sam – about his integrity, process or his strategy. He’s a communicator, and whether written or spoken, your expectations and best interests are met in the smoothest, most profitable way.

In the field, when hesitation appears, he guides. When obstacles occur, he finds solutions.

Sam’s market awareness and regular updates leave you confident he’s got your back, far beyond your first meeting with him.

The result with Sam is success, hard-fought and won by skilled negotiation – negotiation that doesn’t just arrive at your magic number and stop, negotiation that takes your number as far as it can go.

Not afraid of long hours, Sam is a habitual learner, always alert to new ideas and innovation, and amongst a team of top performers at Harris Real Estate, Sam is right at home.

Wherever you live, whatever you’re selling, the decision is easy. It’s Sam Bennett and Harris Real Estate with the answers. Call today.

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Sam Bennett

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