Robert Schmitz

Property Consultant

From construction to youthwork, the FIFO lifestyle saw Robert Schmitz cross regional Australia from the top end to Perth for over 7 years – enough time to convince him his path lies with people – and a path leading him straight to Harris Real Estate.

Under the talented wing of Tom Hector as his cool, calm and collected Co-Agent, he’s chosen wisely indeed.

Robert is analytical, nuts about software and automation, and finding that extra something to make people’s lives easier; and there’s little this well-rounded professional hasn’t achieved…

He’s spent 3 years on council, running for Mayor of Whyalla, and finishing 3rd.

He’s invested in property, renovated property, and learnt the ropes from the ground up while wearing the responsibility of a family business.

As a fully licensed agent, becoming an auctioneer is next, and it won’t be long given auction sales are precisely what his multi-award-winning mentor Tom Hector advocates.

Robert is the type to bring out the best in people, help them out, or simply take the time for a chat; he puts his geniality down to his country upbringing, whether it’s changing a tyre or coming to a random rescue, he’s been there.

As for business, bring yours to Robert and let him put his strengths into practice for your property.

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