Rachael Connor

Property Consultant

Covering some wide professional ground throughout her real estate career from Sales Associate, Personal Assistant to Property Consultant in her own right, Rachael Connor is confidently treading a successful path alongside David Cocks.

Living in Parkside and a familiar face in the Unley community, Rachael has a fondness for, great knowledge of and a childhood closeness to the inner-south which buyers and sellers appreciate.

As one vital half of the Cocks Team at Harris Real Estate, together, you get over 30 years of local expertise and auction success from David Cocks, with client-conscious, exemplary service from Rachael.

Getting things done, getting to know clients, prospecting, listing and selling to preparing the client, their home and the open board for busy weekends is what she loves.

And with a young son, her energy stores are tested but never depleted when dealing with clients young and old keeps her spirits so high…

The excitement and the emotion, aspects that lead to that sought-after feel-good sale – investing in people’s livelihoods as their life stages change – it’s these scenarios, to Rachael, that are powerful.

Interacting and understanding people are her key strengths; from time spent overseas working at an introduction agency, she knows a thing or two about joining the dots – these days, it’s people and property.

It’s only natural then, that her vibrancy and personable nature will create the rapport you’re looking for.

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Rachael Connor

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