Phoebe Connell

Property Management Associate

Inspired by innovators who fight the tide and forge their own path, Phoebe Connell could be telling her own tale: from producing a kids Fringe show with her husband to managing her own property management portfolio, she’s a free spirit with a client focus.

Holding a Diploma of Arts (marketing and legal studies) with experience in various property management roles in both QLD and SA, the PM cap fits Phoebe perfectly – she lives for the challenges and learning that every day brings.

In saying that, Phoebe knows every client has differing needs and wants, and so she flexes her style and strategies to suit, proudly creating a tailored approach for each.

Pick her point of difference and it is empathy. Whether she’s negotiating with a trade, tenant, or landlord, she wears their shoes, knowing the result will be relaxed and honest communication and a great relationship in the making.

And so, the client experience beside Phoebe is like being guided through the unknown by a friend – expect respectful dialogue, honest advice, and uplifting positivity.

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