Melanie Williams

Property Management | Team Leader

Hard working, dedicated, and an all-out achiever. From all her potential entry points into property – building, renovating, and interior design – Melanie chose real estate for the people and the relationships.

To have knowledge as a property manager is great, but to share it and understand it first-hand speaks volumes. As a landlord to her three investment properties and a tenant to someone else’s, Melanie can draw on both ends of the experience spectrum for the benefit of her clients.

Now eight years in with numerous service and team-based awards to her credit, there really is no better fit.

Melanie knows how she wants to be treated and reflects it via her own impeccable service. Every client is important, regardless of the time of day, how many trivial questions are asked, or how many tasks she’s juggling at the time.

Perhaps it’s her people-pleasing personality… In all cases, Melanie puts the personal touch back into property management; listening and empathizing, sharing a problem, relieving stress and finding solutions.

What comes out are stronger relationships, open communication and on top of the list, trust.

And so, Harris Real Estate is the way forward for Melanie, to go one further alongside an innovative, industry leader and to put herself amongst the best team in the business, to eventually lead her own team, and teach her time-honoured skills to others.

For now, it’s hands-on learning, soaking in knowledge and refining her time management skills further, all the while balancing work and lifestyle through travel, health and fitness.

For service with a smile and attention to detail – ask Melanie how she does it…

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