Maya Mitra

Property Manager

There’s a loyal, caring and community-minded side to Maya Mitra. One who wants to be that shining example for her two boys, and there’s the resilient, assertive side that’s built great relationships and a property management career for well over 15 years.

A career where her clients have inevitably become long-term friends.

Maya’s background in psychology is a win/win for problem-solving. She also intuitively knows when a home matches a tenant, and a tenant matches the most discerning of landlords, meeting the needs of both landlords and tenants alike.

Her greatest satisfaction is getting the fit exactly right, and she does it often. A skill not every Property Manager can boast.

It’s no secret, but it’s one way she’s proven her success. Another is her personal professionalism; Maya doesn’t just skim the surface with niceties, she’s easy to approach if anything goes wrong, she genuinely cares, and recalls many client milestones like they’re her own.

Does Maya sound like a property manager to you?

When you love what you do and are great at it, you stick at it for the long haul. Maya does, is, and has, yet it’s her desire to upskill and keep learning that’s drawn her to forward-thinking, client-centric Harris Real Estate.

There’s no doubt, as a landlord or tenant, Maya Mitra is your perfect property management fit.

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