Lauren Pearson

Property Manager

Lauren Pearson has always studied the real estate market from a distance, which makes her transition from piloting her own make-up artistry business to pursuing Property Management not such as surprise…every step sees her grab opportunities with confidence, ambition and 110 per cent commitment.

She has business smarts and a very real human side; people orientated, approachable, even bubbly, but underneath it all is a steely resolve to interact, correct, complete and respect every client and home she manages.

And an ability to self-manage has seen Lauren leap ahead from a leasing role to Property Manager within her first 18 months at Harris Real Estate – its expertise, resources and metropolitan stronghold, right beside her.

Not one to fall for the misconceptions of owning investments, Lauren is well aware of the cash-in, cash-out reality – not dissimilar to running a business – so, when it comes to helping her clients, her empathy steps in with a side serve of sound advice.

With both eyes on the ball and two hands on every task, to Lauren, half-hearted anything doesn’t exist – what does, is keeping her client’s assets, success and expectations top of mind.

It’s full throttle or not at all. Whether navigating paperwork or finding a tenant, clear communication, service, care, and attention follows.

Lauren’s invested; are you?

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