Lachie Phillips

Property Manager

When Lachlan Phillips isn’t testing his endurance on the race track in a velomobile or playing the saxophone in a band, he’s deeply embedded in Property Management.

Determined and goal-oriented, he follows ambition to fulfillment; feeding an appetite for property for as long as he can remember, tireless effort and discipline are his driving forces.

And in Lachlan’s mind, if it can work for Cadel Evans, it can work for him; today, as a registered Property Manager, it’s his fondness for helping people that spins his wheels…

His key to success so far, is communication and transparency; his ability to turn connections into trusted relationships is vital when a client’s investment is at stake.

And just as Harris Real Estate welcomed him into its values-based culture in 2018, Lachlan established himself well amongst a supportive team of well-versed professionals inspired by the same 6-star service ambitions.

Working the north-eastern belt of Adelaide, from one-bedroom units to family homes, the best part of his day is getting out and meeting the faces behind his portfolio.

So, it’s no surprise that Lachlan prefers the personal encounters over an email or phone call; he believes in real connections – where he can learn, interact and manage his clients up close – putting a face to a name, and personal service into focus.

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