Gary Charlton

Property Manager

As an accredited commercial chef with over 2 years of property management experience under his hat, Gary Charlton is creating his own recipe for success. Determined to go from chef to Team Leader to CEO of his own business, Gary is first setting the mould as a respected Harris Property Manager.

A sporting Sheidow Park resident, this outdoorsy individual has some varied interests. Cricket, AFL, golf, and fishing come to mind as some of his pleasurable pursuits, and he is proud of his in-depth knowledge of his local area.

His personal values parallel those of the Harris brand. Health, Respect, Passion and Progress – values that will see him develop and grow while also preserving the reputation of Property Management.

Property managers that never call back? This kind of raw deal will never occur under Gary’s care. A responsive, on-demand and unflappable guy – characteristics passed over from his kitchen days are all delivered in the name of quality service to you his valued client.

There are no textbook landlords or tenants, and situations can heat up in an instant. Gary’s adaptable nature means he’s ready for every changing scenario, ready to meet your individual needs and ready to respond with your best interests at heart.

Leasing property is not just about filling houses. Perfectly pairing the right tenant with the right landlord motivates Gary, and he gets it right. His strong technical skills also see him striving for new ways to drive efficient processes, with the deserving recipients being his close-knit team at Harris, and you.

In three years, expect to find Gary Charlton leading the western property management pod with a strong portfolio of satisfied clients; building his role, his team, and most of all delivering a high quality of care befitting the Harris brand.

Combining the award-winning merits of Harris Property Management team and Gary’s leading nature put him ahead of the competition. Call Gary today.

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