Effie Vlachoulis

Sales Associate - Casey Team

Retail or Real Estate? For Effie Vlachoulis it’s only ever been one or the other. The only thing overriding her love and flair for people and property, is her family.

Living in Norwood, Effie enjoys the Parade’s social scene: catching up with friends, family and acquaintances as she enjoys a good cup of coffee.

After a decade of styling clients through the doors of her Burnside and Norwood boutiques, Effie is now opening doors for happy new homeowners as the well-suited Sales Associate to multiple industry award-winner, Kris Casey.

Her biggest achievement so far is her boutique and the close connections she’s made within the fashion network, allowing her to gain many loyal friends and followers.

Followers strong in their support of her next journey: property sales.

Effie’s professionalism and reputation for outstanding customer service is what makes her the perfect companion when choosing who will assist you in your biggest investment.

Inspired by the likes of Phil Harris and Kris Casey, Effie is committed to working hard and giving all her energy to provide successful results. Effie is approachable, humble, and honest in her work, and will ensure that you will get the most out of your sales experience.

To Effie, continual communication is key. Effie supports you through the sales process, being available from beginning to end, making time, listening, understanding, adapting and empathizing to give you a professional experience that you will remember for years to come.

A new venture, a new role. Perhaps she’ll help with your new home. Call Effie now on 0412677189 to arrange an appointment.

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