Bella Perks

Property Management Associate

She bid farewell to the farm for the coast and a property career, hatching her own property portfolio along the way at the tender age of 23 – meet Bella Perks.

Another property purchase and a top performer award later, Bella’s living in Glenelg East and well placed amongst the high-performing Harris Property Management Team at Glenelg.

With loyalty, a do-anything-for-you attitude, and a fun side, Bella’s all for meeting new people and having a chat; it’s the reason she thrives in this industry, and what makes her so good at property management.

And she’s big on communication.

When it comes to inspiration, Bella admires her parents the most. Still on the farm, still working hard, if even a sprinkle of their spirit, sound advice, and listening ear has rubbed off on her, she’ll be rapt.

Empathy, though, is Bella’s distinction – she can relate to people on any level, and really puts herself in her client’s shoes to derive the best outcome.

And if she can comfort her clients with the knowledge their best interests are close at heart, and they can walk away with confidence feeling cared for implicitly, only then is she convinced and satisfied that her job is done.

But we know you won’t walk away from Bella, or the Harris Team for that matter. Do yourself the biggest favour and call today.

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