Ally Bain

Property Management – Team Leader

With study, travel and a 23-year career spanning many facets of the real estate industry behind her, Ally Bain is a self-confessed all-rounder; but the very reason Ally is your Property Manager is because of you.

Getting the best result means a happy owner and a happy tenant; and in there finding the right fit, is Ally.

Ally is about honesty, solutions and outcomes. And the right fit is not always the applicant with the highest income; thorough background checks and groundwork from the beginning makes a successful tenancy.

Sure, it’s a rigorous role sometimes, however nothing less than hard work, attention to the finest details and a commitment to service ensures Ally provides excellent results for both owners and tenants where communication lines are always open.

To Ally, maintaining close relationships and being available for clients is key. Out of her attentiveness and genuine interest in her clients stems a 15-year strong client base (and counting.)

And from her loyal following comes trust and value; traits Ally puts down to her friendly, personable nature and unrelenting quest to uphold her highest level of service. Full stop.

As an inductee to Harris, Ally intends to share her wealth of property management experience with her colleagues and in turn, learn from a values-based, forward-thinking property management team leading the way in service and innovation.

Adept in current legislation and an immediate resource for her Harris team, three years from now it’ll be a management role for Ally, or even a mentor for new recruits.

A Property Manager with pride? It’s time you met Ally Bain.

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