Sophie Campbell

Property Manager

From payroll to nanny roles, this outgoing people-pleaser has a knack for figures. Today, as a well-rounded professional 5 years and counting into her real estate career, Sophie Campbell continues to wear her versatility well…

So well, her hardworking, not half-done nature sees her set daily personal expectations – boxes ticked, problems solved, emails read and responded to, and clients delighted.

Being adept at both sales and property management, Sophie shares a passion for both the transactional and emotional elements of each role, and given her strengths in each – at Harris, she could do either – she chose property management.

Why? To extend those happy experiences, like those “Just Sold” or “Just Leased” moments, building on that elation and evolving them into long-term, landlord/property manager bonds.

Not many agents hold these ideals.

With managerial experience, Sophie dons the good cop hat in every scenario – finding herself as the one clients trust, unconditionally, to unload their issues on. She takes pride in being approachable and carries a less business, more personal, professionalism.

Where conflict raises its hand, Sophie shakes it, solves it and moves forward, closing the door on negative and moving forward with the positive. An important box ticked.

Call her stubborn, call her a perfectionist. Just call her. Among exceptional Harris company, Sophie is at your service.

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