Sales of mainstream beer have been steadily dropping due to its stagnant flavour, cheap ingredients and lack of innovation. Customers are more conscious than ever about what they are consuming and are focused on the quality of ingredients rather than the price. Fortunately, Craft Beer was a big hit in 2017 and is bringing life back into the beer industry.

But what is Craft Beer and why is it flying off the shelves?

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It’s a modern approach to brewing beer but on a smaller scale. Commonly referred to as micro-brewed or boutique beer, it’s about going back to basics and appreciating the art of brewing a good quality beverage.

Sounds delish? Here are our top picks for Craft Beer in 2017

1.     Pirate Life
89 South Road, Hindmarsh SA
Open Tuesday to Saturday
More here:

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2.     Feral Brewing Co. Baskerville WA
Available at multiple Adelaide pubs, locations here:


3.     Balter Brewing, Currumbin QLD
6 Aussies and a Yank walk into a bar and never come out… Balter was born!
Available at these locations:



4.     Stone & Wood, Byron Bay NSW


5.     Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth VIC

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6.     Prancing Pony
42 Mount Barker Road, Totness SA
Open 7 days
More here:

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7.     Smiling Samoyed
Hansen Street, Myponga SA
Open 7 days
More here:

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8.     Little Creatures, Fremantle WA
Find their stockists here:


9.     Big Shed Brewing Co
13/2 Brandwood Street, Royal Park SA
Open Wednesday-Sunday
More info here:

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10.   James Squire
Available at The Curious Squire – 10 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide SA
More info:

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