Chinese investors are the fastest growing section of real estate buyers in the world. These investors are attracted to Australian property because of its excellent long-term capital growth and rental yields, as well as good supply and demand and the freedom of a freehold title.

Harris has seen foreign investment in Adelaide property soar, upholding this city’s reputation as one of the most desirable destinations in the world to live. There are many influential factors driving this increasing demand for Australian property. These include study opportunities, the established Chinese community here, and because property ownership in China is restricted to a maximum 70-year lease, making housing a temporary investment.

Because of this, Harris has devised a unique international buyer strategy thorough the establishment of Harris International. The aim of this strategy is to ensure your property is directly marketed to this growing market of Chinese buyers

Offering a broad range of expertise, our multilingual agents engage with our Chinese clients on both a vendor and buyer level, as well as providing assistance with property management, finance and supporting overseas buyers in purchasing off-the-plan investments.

If you would like to discuss our services further, please contact us on 8202 3500.

What we offer


Relationships established with Chinese media outlets both here and overseas to gain the most exposure for your property.

International database management

Harris is constantly expanding its database of qualified international buyers who have fulfilled all prerequisites for foreign investment and are prepared to purchase property.

Client services

We can assist you to organise services that support the real estate transaction such as finance (pre-approval or review), conveyancing, insurance and connections of utilities and services. These people have the ability to liaise directly with potential purchasers and off shore banks bringing speed and efficacy to the process of qualifying buyers.

Foreign investment review board visa specialists

Harris having built strong relationships with the Foreign Investment Review Board Visa specialists, we are able to efficiently obtain full government buying approval for all qualified, potential international buyers

Purchasing a house

Our multi-lingual agents are experts at buyer matching and can help with all stages of the purchase of your new home.



Knowledge of differences between Australian and Chinese real estate processes and the FengShui involved in buying and selling property will increase tremendously amount of interest from international buyer.

Interpreter service

Language support offered, fluent in both spoken and written Chinese and English

Auction attendance

A Harris International member can be present to provide support during the bidding process, as well as negotiations post auction.

Open for inspection assistance

Harris International member team members will professionally present your property to international buyers.

Multi-lingual Mortgage Brokers 

At Harris we work directly with multi-lingual Chinese-speaking mortgage brokers. This assists in developing trust and makes finance approval more efficient for Chinese speaking buyers. These mortgage brokers have the ability to liaise directly with potential purchasers and offshore banks bringing speed and efficiency to the process of qualifying more potential buyers for our clients. Our team of translators cater to all different dialects of Chinese including Mandarin and Cantonese.