Adelaide – we are known for our word-class festivals, stunning wineries, picturesque beaches and most importantly, our amazing array of restaurants.

When it comes to dining, we are spoiled for choice in Adelaide. Whether it’s a quick bite, brunch with the gals or dinner for two with a view, we have restaurants that are perfect even for the choosiest of diners.

A lover of food and new dining experiences, it was hard to compile a list of my top 5 picks when I can easily name many more straight off the bat. But here are 5 eateries you have to visit in Adelaide.


Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar

94 Frome Street, Adelaide


For an experience you’ll never forget and a taste that will not only entice your pallet but also your soul, you need to try Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar.

I speak from experience; I can still taste the creamy polenta, the soft potato gnocchi and the sweetness of the chocolate, nut and pear filled cannoli that stole my heart.

For an even more unforgettable experience, I highly recommend trying the ‘Menu Fisso’ – allow the kitchen to do what it does best… cook for you. You will be served fresh and seasonable meals that Andre and the kitchen team have decided upon. So, just sit back and enjoy this culinary experience with a surprise dish after dish making its way to you. The ‘Menu Fisso’ is designed to be shared with your friends and family. You will no doubt be saying “yummm” the whole way through this experience.

Not into sharing? It’s okay, you can also order straight from their menu. Enjoy a variety of authentic Italian dishes: A platter of Italian salumi to start, followed by polenta con ragu’ di salsiccia and ricotta cavatelli. And to finish, a delicious mascarpone semifreddo. Buon appetito!


Press* Food & Wine

40 Waymouth Street, Adelaide


As you excitedly walk through the double doors to Press*, an instant aroma entices your senses. You can’t help but peer over other diners’ shoulders: veal croquettes, Angus sirloin and a fresh loaf of bread to soak up the sauces. Satisfied nods of others are accompanied by the tinkling of wine glasses – “Cheers”, they say. Cheers indeed. You instantly get food envy – where’s the nearest menu? What’s she having?

While you’re led to the upstairs open area, more juicy aromas fill the air. The waiter talks you through the menu. There is much in season – there is much to choose from. The extensive menu features exotic choices such as sweet breads and ox tongues as well as favourites such as pappardelle, scotch fillet, black Angus rib eyeand the Press* burger. Don’t you just love it when a meal is named after the restaurant? Thatone has to be famous. It has to be good. I soon learned the burger definitely does live up to its name. Recommended.

The Press* kitchen is open all day for those in the mood for a quick bite or for those who would prefer to settle in for a few delicious hours. The choice is yours.

There’s a reason Press* Food & Wine has starred on the ‘best Adelaide restaurants’ list. From their 5-star service to their seasonal South Australian produce, the entire experience at this eatery will impress and leave you wanting more.


Golden Boy

309 North Terrace, Adelaide


Not every restaurant has the ability to make you salivate just at the mention of its name. Golden Boy. Gets me every time.

Before I run through the delicious menu, let’s run through their awards: Best New at the 2014 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering SA Awards for Excellence, Best Thai Restaurant in the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Restaurant & Catering SA Awards and Winner of the Best Thai in the National Restaurant & Catering Awards 2017. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Golden Boy is no doubt known for its exquisite melt-in-your-mouth Thai cuisine. Now, the food. Wok-tossed mussels, pad Thai noodles, stir fried pork belly… can someone call me an Uber? I’m so there it’s insane.

Just when I thought my Tuk Tuk hailing days were over (Thailand 2017 – best time ever), Golden Boy has its own Tuk Tuk right here in Adelaide. The Tuk Tuk Thai menu is designed for sharing. According to their menu, it can be a little tricky to navigate, so if you’d like some help, just holler “Tuk Tuk” and one of their pleasant staff will take over and help. They’ll even make sure you get the ‘scenic route’, or the ‘red light district’ as you prefer. I’ll take the red… Stop me there.

Golden Boy uses the freshest seasonal produce that is available and their authentic sauces, paste and relishes are all made in-house. Enjoy a greatwine list that is hand-picked to match the cuisine, many of which include South Aussie favourites.



4 East Terrace, Adelaide


Africola is exactly what this city needed. You can’t miss it from East Terrace – its eye-catching sign and large festoon lighting – it’s an Instagrammer’s dream come true. But that’s not why we needed Africola.

Africola is one of the city’s coolest, edgiest, quirkiest and liveliest restaurants. It stands out with its exotic cuisine. Africola is unique. It’s intriguing. It’s inspiring.

Walk through the doors and you’re hit with a Western soundtrack followed by an eccentric aroma of spices. Their menu includes African-inspired vegetables, grilled and smoked meats, flat breads and so much more. With an ever-changing menu, your experience will be different this summer to what it will be in winter. Each visit is a surprise.

Allow the lamb kofta or the peri-peri chicken to spice up your pallet. Or maybe the mulloway fillet might be more your cup of tea – speaking of tea, the tea sandwich makes a finger-licking treat – three words: crispy chicken skin.

Service is 6pm till late – the party just keeps on going at Africola.


Peel St

9 Peel Street, Adelaide


This pleasing and pulsating restaurant islocated on one of Adelaide’s most buzzing streets. As you walk through Peel Street to get to the restaurant, the ambiance of bustling bars and other eateries nearby will get you hyped and ready for an amazing night ahead. This is what Adelaide is all about.

If you thought outside is where it’s happening, then wait until you get inside. As you enter the restaurant, with the lively chatter of other diners and plates and plates of delicious meals circulating the tables, you can’t help but feel you’re in another world. Some call it heaven. I call it bliss. Either way, I know I’m going to be eating well.

The service here is fantastic; the staff take time and care in explaining their exotic menu, which is written on giant chalkboards. Spoiled for choice, I instantly found it hard to choose my meal – I could have devoured it all.

When a situation like this presents itself, there’s only one thing to do: let the kitchen cook for you. At Peel St, they allow you to taste an array of their dishes with their sample tasting menu. Dishes upon dishes of delectable meals made their way to our table. Beetroot cured ocean trout, pork belly and prawn, beer battered garfish – by the end of it I found it hard to peel myself off my seat. Wowsers. Incredible.

What I love about this restaurant, besides the flavoursome food and incredible experience, is that once you’re done, you can continue to celebrate your night in the city – head on over across the lane-way to a selection of bars or if you fancy a boogie, you have Adelaide’s funkiest clubs nearby. Or, just take a stroll down Currie Street and Grenfell Street. The world’s your oyster.

Peel St – it’s known for its simple, fresh and delicious meals all with an extraordinary Asian fusion. As their philosophy goes, their desire is to make their meals generous, abundant and bursting with robust flavours. Chefs Jordan and Marty draw on their diverse food experiences, using only the best and freshest ingredients they can get their hands on and most importantly, they cook the food they love to eat, for you.


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