With the new year just around the corner comes a fresh start! Aspirations are high and new goals are set. Each year we want to be more organised and have everything planned out so life runs as smooth as possible.

To give you a kick start, we’ve sussed out the best diaries for 2018 so you can start your year off on the right foot!


Talk about variety! Kikki-k have several designs to choose from that appeal to a wide range of customers. They have announced a monogrammed dairy that will be coming soon, hopefully in time for the new year!

It’s the added extras that make Kikki-k one of the most functional brand of dairies. It features monthly and weekly views as well as a sticker sheet and a backpocked for any note you might need.

Date range from Dec 2017 – Dec 2018

Prices starting at $16.95



Rifle Paper and Co

I am a huge fan of the design of Rifle Paper and Co’s diaries. They are drop dead gorgeous!

If you’re after a diary that is inconspicuous and looks beautiful then look no further. The spiral bound planner has a section for contacts and notes, a folded pocket with a handy ruler and inspirational quotes to motivate you throughout the year. An extra benefit to these diaries is that they last for 17 months, beginning in August 2017 through to December 2018.

RRP $49.95






The Daily Edit is trending at the moment for their personalised monogrammed dairies. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love having their name on their possessions? Pick your leather cover colour from grey, black or pale pink and have your initials monogrammed into the bottom right corner. You have complete control over the design from the colour of the monogram text, to the size of the font and the font choice itself.

Date range for the financial year

RRP $69.95



An Organised Life

We love the stylish, monochrome look of this diary. The 2018 Signature Diary is An Organised Life’s best-selling diary and we can see why! It comes with a pen and elastic pen holder, two thin bookmarks and a back pocket for storage. They have also cleverly included a page of organisational tips, information on how to utilise your dairy, a goal planning page and how to write a to-do list. I’m feeling more organised from just reading about it.

Date range from Dec 2017 – Jan 2019

RRP $45.99




Emma Kate & Co

Are normal diaries too regimented and scripted for you? For those creative minds the Write Your Own Adventure 2017 Planner is a little slice of heaven. Described as the dairy for ‘extraordinary minds’, this diary follows a free-flowing structure allowing for doodling, brain storming, expressing your feelings and all things unplanned. Some functions include two ribbon dividers, bottom tab stickers, expandable back pocked and extra writing space for the weekends.

RRP $59.00








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