Lucy Johnson

Property Consultant

As the client-oriented communicator and energy alongside Scott Moon, Lucy Johnson is not only hardworking in support mode, but a licensed agent in her own right building on her success and service with Harris Real Estate.

Whether parting ways with your family home or opening the front door to your first, when property conversations start with Lucy, the word “transaction” is never uttered.

From hearts come contracts, and it’s these connections Lucy lives for; the kids, the dogs, the families, the emotion and the mutual respect from anxious beginnings to satisfying ends.

As a buyer or a seller, you’ll soon be familiar with Lucy’s patience, care and positive voice at your beck and call with her completely at-your-side demeanour.

Obstacles happen, hiccups occur – with Lucy in touch you’re never alone, and with her consistent “yes” persona, burdens are lifted and instantly replaced with the utmost confidence.

Such is the organised precision and reliability that forms your sales experience long before (and well after) your exceptional sales result.

Words with actions do plenty, but how you make someone feel is always remembered. For a lasting impression and a property success story only your biggest asset deserves, call Lucy today.

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