Jack Hodgson

Property Consultant

Only a client-motivated, award-winning sales agent with chameleon-like adaptability and a knack for matching home with buyer will see your ideal home land in your grateful lap…

Jack Hodgson, an REB Online Finalist with back-to-back Top 10 SA Agent awards, is a family-oriented sales agent who believes in individualised care and undivided attention.

That’s where he starts. Gelling with clients, building confidence and trust and ultimately seeing to your every property need is where he goes.

You may think that’s where it ends, but forming relationships is a strength Jack is immensely proud of – he listens intently, utilises technology and cross-sells intuitively as he meets the market, with a bit of fun along the way.

It works. And repeat and referral business follows.

Only youthful energy combined with a client-focus can give you this dynamic point of difference, and in the fast-paced territory of real estate, Jack’s blessing is your benefit.

His family, a strong inspiration source, immersed him in the world of architecture, design and property development long ago, and today, he has property knowledge, client service and nurturing ability down pat.

Complementing his skill sets within the Bishop Team and aligning with the indisputable success of Harris Real Estate, consider yourself in extremely capable hands.


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Jack Hodgson
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Jack Hodgson

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