Cath Honor

Property Consultant

From regional to inner-city experience across 3 states in her 34-year sales career, Cath Honor’s love of property, her Adelaide friends and family are what draws this confident and engaging agent home to the city she loves.

Despite her adventurous nature, Cath works hard too, and she’s not afraid to express herself.

Always one to push her own limits, she loves it when others aren’t afraid to change up their lives to follow a dream; if she can assist, even better.

Helping sellers and new homeowners, downsizers and divorcees, first-time or sequential buyers, Cath creates positive partnerships as she deciphers a client’s needs and fulfills them; a process she finds just as satisfying as achieving the ultimate sale price.

It’s fair to say over 34 years, Cath’s learnt a thing or two.

She pays attention, she listens, and she shows genuine warmth to every client, a trait that has seen Cath form many longstanding friendships with many appreciative vendors and buyers.

Such expertise has unveiled an innate talent; compassion. Women are drawn to Cath, particularly when family matters call for a gentler approach.

Perhaps it’s a reflection of Cath’s own experiences, casting back to her first home sale in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Or perhaps it’s her guidance and mentoring capacity she’s highly commended for.

Whatever it is, your experience will be as much her pleasure as it will be yours, irrespective of your property knowledge, purchase or sale scenario when you and Cath cross paths…

And when your path finds the progressive and innovative client focus of Harris Real Estate complemented by Cath’s attention to detail, regular updates, and assurance only her very best efforts are on the table – Cath Honor is one reputable agent you’ll want to keep close.

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Cath Honor

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